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Shining light on your hidden
Amazon costs

These Brands trust Baros

BeAm.Fi analyzes the costs of your Amazon Business

Via our Vendor Central Data evaluations, we identify all unauthorized deductions. Our integrated interface retrieves your money automatically - completely effortless savings.

Increased profitability via automation!

Software Highlights

logistikLogistics Interface

We offer an interface for common carriers to automatically collect and upload Proof of Delivery to shortage claims in BeAm.Fi.

abzuege ohne belegDeductions without Receipt

Stay on top of hidden deductions! We notify you of any deductions without documentation following shipping notifications.

skontoMonitoring and Control of Cash Discount

BeAm.Fi reports any unauthorized cash discounts. This information can be used in annual negotiations with your Amazon Vendor Manager.


BeAm.Fi analyzes and lists accrued costs for each contract. Our tool checks if the conditions of your Co-Op contract were applied correctly in case of shortages.     

chargebackChargeback Monitoring

Filter by categories to get an overview of individual chargeback progression.


Overdue Receivables

Review all overdue receivables in real time.

monatsreportPrice Claim Monitoring

BeAm.Fi’s Price Claim monitoring function allows you to review the current status of any price claim and dispute any unauthorized deductions.

monatsreportShortage Claim Monitoring

Stay up to date with your shortage claims. Using BeAm.Fi, unauthorized deductions can be disputed automatically.

monatsreportMonthly Reporting

BeAm.Fi allows comparison between different Amazon Vendor Centrals on a monthly basis.

digitale belegverwaltung Digitale Document Management

BeAm.Fi’s smart document search capabilities allow you to fix any unresolved accounting issues across your entire Amazon Vendor Central.

management boardManagement Board

Finding more opportunities to save: compare sales in various countries with one click. Our comprehensive management reporting allows you to view the most important KPIs and disputes on a national level.

Using BeAm.Fi to Save More

  • Significant reduction of the workload in accounting (approx. 3 days/month)

  • Find any document using our smart search tool

  • Complete identification and recovery of all unauthorized deductions

  • Immediate ROI

  • No workload for shortage claims & price claims due to automation

  • Forwarding interface for proofs of delivery

  • Export functions (CSV/XLS/PDF) allow cent-exact posting

  • Internal weak point analysis through detailed chargeback monitoring

  • Web-based software enables easy and fast implementation

  • View all Amazon sales and activity by country

Thank you for your trust in Baros
and the great feedback!

  • The software is user friendly and helps us in the area of coops as well as shortage claims. Monitoring and tracking of all transactions is made easy and efficient. We save a lot of working time, which we can now use in other areas.
    The cost-benefit ratio is great and the Baros team is very reliable and always friendly and helpful. Problems are solved quickly together.”

    Kosovare Rukolli
    (Marketplace Manager)
    Walser GmbH & Co. KG

  • After we expanded to Pan EU as a vendor and more and more time was needed to check the CoOps, the Baros Solutions tool has proven to be an absolute added value. It saves valuable working time that we can put into other strategic issues.
    Especially the interface with our carrier to automatically upload proofs of delivery is a relief for both sides (carrier, as well as retailer) and helps us enormously in the process of chargebacks.
    The clear user interface provides a concrete overview of the current numbers and is also a relief for our accounting department.”

    sarah behlau

    Sarah Behlau

  • We were looking for a solution that would enable us to easily recover funds and unjustified charges from Amazon.
    With Baros Solutions we’ve found a partner that helps us do just that.
    By implementing the Baros Solutions Tool, we’ve been able to extremely increase our CoOp retrievals from Amazon, thereby we could significantly reduce our cost for extraordinary charges. The cooperation with the Baros Solutions team is extremely professional, as they respond quickly and individually to our wishes and always have the success of the overall project in mind."

    Giuseppe Gati
    (Customer Advisor)

  • Since we started using the tool, we have a better and faster overview of unpaid invoices from Amazon. It also helps us to automatically open necessary disputes including delivery documents and therefore saves us precious working time every week. Great tool!”

    David Winkelmann
    (E-Commerce & Business Development Manager)
    CFP Brands

  • With BeAmFi, Baros Solutions provides us with a Saas solution that gives us clarity in areas that often get lost in the chaos of Amazon receipts. Not only does this software allow us to handle the entire chargeback management, but it also allows us to fully monitor the co-op issue. What's more, it even allows us to transparently display deductions without receipts.

    Overall, we are very satisfied with this software solution. It has significantly optimized our processes and helped us keep control of all transactions. The functionalities and automated processes have massively increased our efficiency and led to better financial performance. We recommend this solution to all companies facing similar challenges and looking for a reliable and powerful software to simplify their chargeback processing and the entire supporting document process.”

    Andre Wolters
    (Head of E-Wholesale global)

  • Baros helps us expand our Amazon business in Europe by automating manual customer service tasks and visually presenting them in clear dashboards. We save valuable working time every month that we can use for other strategic issues.

    Peter Kristek
    (key account manager e‑commerce)

3 simple steps to working effectively with Amazon:


1. Online consultation and overview of tool.


2. 14 day free trial period with your data


3. Unlimited use after successful testing

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